Using the Fork that Feed Our Flesh

I am currently reading a Bible plan called SOULCON Challenge. One of its main purpose is to remind us men to take up our cross daily. It also talks about how we all have to be reminded not to use the fork that feeds our flesh.

This doesn’t come all in one dinner seating though. What happens is we start off by an appetizer, by a little bit of sin. Then, we like that, so we ‘feed’ it more and more, until it becomes our lifestyle.

“And satan knows when we feed sin bite by bite it will grow in power and strength, and he knows the outcome of that in a man’s life. We have to remember satan is smarter than we will ever be, he knows the nature of a man and our temptations better than we ever will. He knows God’s unconditional love for humans better than we ever will, and he hates it. It’s the thing satan doesn’t want anyone to ever hear, and he will try to kill anyone that forcefully advances the message of God’s unconditional love. And he isn’t going to kill us by coming into our house at night as a scary goblin. ”

As mentioned beginning of the week, I am a fan of transparency and I will say this, lately it has become easier and easier for me to feed my flesh. But, no more, I choose God…if you are going through something talk to someone about it. God is wanting to stop the feed of the flesh and wants to help you pick up your cross daily.

It is crucial that we become aware of this strategic attack on our lives, and put a stop to it by putting our fork down and picking up our cross each morning.


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