One of the biggest topics going on right now is the this topic of transgenders and the bathroom issue. This blog will not address the bathroom issue and if you would like to talk about it leave a comment below.

This blog will come at the issue with grace and love as I think it should.

A transgender person is a person who identify as either a man or women, but are born the other. So, it could be a man who identifies as a women and vice versa.

So, a transgender person comes in your church, what should you do? Should, you ask them to leave? Should you not talk to them? Should you be unfriendly?

No, you should be loving and accept them into your church! Why, you may ask. All too often we all tend to forget that at one point in our life we too were living in darkness and couldn’t find our way. I find that it is hard for us to see how another person’s struggles are because we haven’t been in their shoes. If you have never had the mindset of a transgender person, then you have no clue how they actually feel.

Jesus said that all who are weary can come to him for rest. –Matthew 11:28
That means ALL people!

If a transgender walks into church, I would take that a sign that they are looking for acceptance and love and something from the church that they can’t find in the world.

Does that mean we should let them live in their ‘sin’ and go about their lives? Absolutely not! But, I will propose this, quit going about it the way the churches have always gone about it. Quit, the bad mouthing, finger pointing and stop being a hypocrite. Christians have gave themselves bad names for a long time because the way they have acted over years.

Here are 3 things I think we should do if a transgender comes into our church. 

  1. Love them, Not with fake love, but with genuine love that comes from the heart

  2. Accept them, not their behavior but as a person

  3. Disciple them, teach them what the Word of God says

So, Jake, are you saying you for transgenders, no, I am saying, they are in need of a Savior just like me and if and when God speaks to them about their life, they have the chance to accept that and I will be there with them from step one, living life together.

If you are transgender, I love you and want you to know that God loves you too, please don’t give up on what He has for your life. Be encouraged that I will live my life with you without the fear of others judging, I am to love others, just as Christ loves me, and I choose to do that!



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