Those who wait…

The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake.2 Peter 3:9a NLT

Patience is not my strongest virtue in life, those you know we well know that all too well. When I get stressed out I get very anxious and sometimes angry quickly. I don’t like to wait on others and want what I want NOW.

I feel that how most people are with God. We want the answer to a problem or we want a miracle so badly that we forget to just wait on Him. I have a problem with waiting on Him too. But I can see that God is trying to teach me lessons in waiting. If we always got what we wanted now and didn’t have to every wait for something then we would be the most selfish people every. There has been times I wanted God to move so badly that I can’t my own steps and then I am out of His will. My prayer for myself and for you is to wait on His promises. If it is from Him then He will provide all you need just in time for it.

God forgive me for not waiting on you, and I ask that you help each person reading this blog with the same thing, give us the patience to know that when its your timing all will come to past.


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