So, the ruling as been handed down and its a day later. There are many people that are celebrating and many others that are angry. The one thing that I don’t understand about anyone, no matter rather or not you agree or not with the ruling is people being rude and disrespectful.

The gay community wants equality and tolerance, but whenever someone comes against their ‘beliefs’ they are intolerant as all get out. Double standard here, I think so. Again, Christians can be just as bad and rude. The Bible teaches us to love all and not to judge, yes. But you also have a obligation to bring as many as possible to Christ and I read in the Bible that homosexuality is wrong, along with murder, lying, gossip, etc, etc.

You can lovely tell someone that you believe they are wrong in their lifestyle and still not judge them. Raise your hand if you are perfect, nobody, that’s right only Christ is. I sin, I mess up, I get tempted, I fall into it sometimes, does that make me any better than a gay person, NO. But, what does make me difference is I rely on God to forgive me and make me new, to restore me. Will the feelings I use to have ever go away, probably not, but I choose to focus on God, the one that makes me new daily.

Don’t let your sin define your life, let God define your life. If you submit all to Him, including your sexuality, you will be surprised at what will change.


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